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Problems activating DQ35JO in SCS version

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We have 80 Intel PC's with the DQ35JO motherboard. These models has the Intel AMT version 3.2.x. We try to activate the AMT using the SCS 6.XX with the CLI Activator. The results are as follows:

Activator.exe /verbose /keepLogFile /status

CLI: Exit with code 0 (Request finished successfully).

Activator.exe /verbose /keepLogFile /destination serverXX /userName "userXX" /password "passXX" /psk /newMePassword "passXXX"

CLI: Exit with code 0 (Request finished successfully).

SCS: Succeeded Import of PSK

Activator.exe /verbose /keepLogFile /destination serverXX /userName "userXX" /password "passXX" /sendHello

CLI: Finished: SendHelloMessage

SCS: Succeeded Process Hello Message, SCS Code: 6214,

Activator.exe /verbose /keepLogFile /destination serverXX /userName "userXX" /password "passXX" /profileid 1 /ADOU "OU=OrdenadoresAMT,DC=xxxx,DC=xxx"

CLI: After various checks

Finished: SendConfigurationRequest

Exit with code 15 (Intel(R) AMT system is not configured yet).


Various Failed Configurations: SCS Code: 2002 Failed while calling Soap call GetCoreVersion. AMT Connection Error 4022: An HTTP error occurred, error in discover 4022

Finally: Failed Configuration: SCS Code: 5014SCS Code: 5015

We change the profile with different settings but no advance

The desktops works Ok configuring it whit the

Some ideas?

Thanks in advance

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a couple of things to check on, what is the full build of the AMT Fw 3.2.??? - are you trying to provision with a certificate? if so which one? tell me aobut your domain and use of subnets.

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check the Intel web site for the latest bios F/W build and drivers SOL/LMS, its FW kit and will be located on Intel Download Center under the "Discontinued Products" section for Desktop Boards/Intel 3-series chipsets. there werre multiple repairs for multi domain and subnet provisioning along with soem security updates...let me know if you ahve any othere issues