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Remote Configuration Enable Error during USB setup hash provisioning


Using the USBFile.exe (v2.1) buried in the AMT SDK 5.1.1, I created a setup.bin on a USB flash drive for installing our corporate root CA's certificate thumbprint into the hash list of our Dell OptiPlex 755 systems (AMT 3.2.20). After exporting the corporate Root CA using the Base-64 encoding option to a local file named C:\Intel\RootCA.cer, I used the following command to create the setup.bin file:

c:\Intel>USBFile.exe -create admin mailto:NewP@ssw0rd NewP@ssw0rd -amt -ztc 1 -hash rootca.cer "Corporate Root CA"

After formatting and installing the setup.bin on the flash drive using the Intel Manageability Flash Drive Tool and attempting to install the certificates onto the Dell 755 system I booted a standard OEM system, pressing 'Y' to run the flash utility, and encountered a failure error: 'Remote Configuration Enable failed. To get past this I had to manually enter the MEBx, change the password, navigate throught the menu and set the Remote Configuration Enable/Disable** to Disabled, wait for the system to do some sort of unprovision, then restart the system - using another flash drive with a setup.bin configured to use the new password and press Y. Obviously this is a lot of work.

Is there a newer USBFile utility and/ or different command set that would resolve the 'Remote Configuration Enable failure error?

Thanks for any help!

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