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SCCM and AMT Issue


Hi Guys,

I'm getting a weird error message from SCCM 2012 when I installed the Intel Vpro add in.

The error message is:

Microsoft SQL Server reported SQL message 2627, severity 14: [23000][2627][Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]Violation of UNIQUE KEY constraint 'GroupMap_AK2'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.GroupMap'. The duplicate key value is (INTEL_AMT_CONFIGURATIONINFO_AMTNETWORKSETTINGS_DATA).

Please refer to your Configuration Manager documentation, SQL Server documentation, or the Microsoft Knowledge Base for further troubleshooting information.

I have been trying to get vPro working with SCCM 2012 for a few weeks now. I have installed a previous version on the sgs add on. I don't know if that's effecting it or not though... Any help would be much appreciated.


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Hi Matthewb,

Sorry for the late response, I just now saw this post. There seems to have been a problem with the forums displaying new posts.

I will look into this and let you know what I find out.


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This sounds like an SCCM SQL corruption issue, in order to fix this it will require careful deletion work on the SCCM SQL database.


Note: This is something that should not be preformed without prior backup of the entire SCCM SQL database.

From the error it seems that the 'dbo.GroupMap' table already has mapping (tuple) for INTEL_AMT_CONFIGURATIONINFO_AMTNETWORKSETTINGS_DATA which should be removed. Removing this row from the GroupMap table might cause similar errors which will require removal as well.

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