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SCS 5.0 mutual authentication problem


Hello there,

I did these steps all afternon with SCS: First round:


1-I created a Basic profile (NO TLS)


2-I created a key


3-I manually entered the key into BIOS


4-SCS applied configuration correctly


5-I was able to acces the machine by the WebUI, commander (redirection) and my code.


Second round:


1-I created a Basic TLS profile (only server) by selecting a root certificate I created in MS Cert. Authority


2-I changed the machine profile to the new one


4-SCS applied configuration correctly.


5-I was able to access the machine by the WebUI (but only typing the FQDN in IE browser) and commander showed me connections warnings, so I could not redirect it. It's really important redirecting the machine by using its IP because for example in discovery event you do not have other info or the host name property in AMT Sytem object is returned as the same IP.


My code did not work for redirection and I got the same error which one I started this thread.


After working all day in this issue I can say that SCS and Director name security certificates a bit different. Director names them with IP address and SCS names them with FQDN. This can be a pain in the neck. I actually try to connect with Commander and it shows me connections warnings because of the "Connection name, DNS name, certificate name mismatch.". I have posted this in maneability community there is no significant advance:


Thanks a lot,Javier Andrés Cáceres Alvis




Thanks a lot, Javier Andrés Cáceres Alvis


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