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Using ACUConfig from SCS 8.2 on local system board DQ77MK


Hello vPro Expert Center..


I must be missing something simple trying to setup management on one local system. The MEBx is enabled but in full unprovision state with network turned on. Trying to use the ACUConfig utility I get an error and the message in the log is: Error: Host-based configuration is not currently available because the Local Manageability Service (LMS.exe) is not running on the system. What do I need to install/enable/etc. to get the Intel lms service running so the ACUConfig and see my management engine onboard? I was able to use the ACUConfig to create a profile for use with a USB key but I would prefer direct access. Any insight into this would be helpful.

I attached the log file for reference.


Overall this board works well especially with the very cool running I7-3770. I was surprise at the size of that package but it runs really cool compared to earlier technologies.


Lee Nelson
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Hi Lee,

I have some questions and possibly some suggestions.

1. Is the Processor you are using, listed as vPro capable. To verify this go to: ARK | Your source for information on Intel&# 174; products

2. If it is, then download the latest ME drivers from:*&DownloadType=Drivers Download Center

3. You may also want to download the latest BIOS update from: Download Center



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