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Which version of the amt can support provision with a USB driver storing a setup.bin file


Which version of the amt can support provision with a USB driver storing a setup.bin file?

Whether it is supported USB provision at AMT 2.+?



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The SMB/Manual configuration method lets you configure the Intel AMT device with basic configuration settings. Configuration is done locally at the Intel AMT system with a USB key containing a configuration file (Setup.bin). You can use USBFile.exe (command line version) from the Intel AMT SDK, or the ACU Wizard from the Intel SCS download package.

Note: The Intel SCS cannot configure Intel AMT 2.x and 3.x with this method because they cannot read the Setup.bin file. Instead you can manually enter the settings in the MEBx of the Intel AMT system.

After configuration, the Intel AMT device is put in one of these modes:

Small Medium Business (SMB) Mode – Intel AMT 4.x and 5.x devices are put in this mode. Advanced (optional) Intel AMT features are not available to devices in this mode.

Manual Mode – Intel AMT 6.x and higher devices are put in this mode. All Intel AMT features are available to devices in this mode if a third-party application can configure them.


Let me clarify my previous answer. Bruno is right--you can use a USB key to load a Pre-Shared Key (PSK) and then initiate remote configuration on Intel AMT 2.0 and later. This process uses a PSK to encrypt the communications with the remote configuration service (RCS).

For help with local configuration using a USB key, see: Local Setup and Configuration Using a USB Flash Drive /docs/DOC-4354 for step-by-step instructions. This document describes a process using prebuilt tools from the Intel AMT SDK to perform basic, local setup and configuration of Intel AMT versions 4, 5, and 6. It also points out some of the potential pitfalls and shortcomings for the process. We recommend that you test this process in your environment and adapt it to your specific needs.



Since AMT 2.x you can use USB key for provision the vPro machine, but this method can be used in two different ways: for full configuration on SMB mode or pre-provisioning in Enterprise mode (e.g. injecting PID/PPS or Root CA hash) and further configuration parameters.

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-- Bruno Domingues