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i9 Gulftown 6C/12T Build?


i'm building a new system and i want to go with the new i9 Gulftown ES (6C/12T/2.4GHz/12MB L3/6.4GT/s) when it is comes out this quarter. I have 7,000.00 saved up so far. is the the cpu going to run me over 2,500.00?

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Do you mean the Core i7 980X?

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Hi Speedtuff,

First of all, kindly post your CPU related problems in our Processors community since this community is dedicated to vPro. Furthermore, in response to your question, kindly refrain from using Codenames, rather go with SKU to avoid any discrepancies since we have different sSpecs for a single CPU model with different frequencies and QPI, etc. However I believe you're referring to the all-set-to-release Core i7 980X.

Furthermore, I have not been able to understand which currency are you referring to when you state the figures like 7, 000.00 and 2, 500.00.

however if you already have information regarding the release of the processor, I believe you would also have a fair idea on the introductory price of the CPU which we unfortunately cannot disclose due to NDA. The exact pricing of the CPU would be available with your local Intel reseller in town. I can only tell you that the since 980X is a Core i7 Extreme Ed CPU, the price would definitely be higher than it's other family members.

Hope this answers your question, for any further issues, feel free to contact us.

Thank you and have a nice day!


Warm Regards,

Javed Lodhi

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