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"LMS Generated Line" in hosts-file altering @ WIN Server 2012 R2


Hallo Intel-Forum,

I just discovered that some parts of the Intel AMT V9.0 System always alters the %windir%/system32/drivers/etc/hosts file on my Win 2k12 R2 Server.

It changes the localhost address to the name, I use for the dedicated kvm-NIC. The kvm.project.local IP is set to in the AMT system and you can connect the kvm with vnc plus.

Anyway, you can find the altered line as following:

# localhost kvm.project.local # LMS GENERATED LINE

Since I am running a DNS-Server on that machine, the altered line always causes trouble.

On this machine (a new Dell T20 with Intel AMT V9) I have three dedicated NICs running:

1.: kvm.project.local with

2.: server.project.local with

3.: vm.project.local with

I am wondering why the AMT systems alters the address. An added line i.e. kvm.project.local could make sense, but why kvm.project.local?

How can I prevent the AMT from changing the hosts file?

I also found those postings, but they're not really eye-openers for me, because they didn't provide any information how to solve this issue.:

a) /thread/7093?start=0&tstart=0

and the official statement: b) /docs/DOC-1247# jive_content_id_LMS_generated_line_in_hosts_file jive_content_id_LMS_generated_line_in_hosts_file

"LMS generates this line when there is a mismatch between the OS FQDN and the Intel® ME FQDN. This can happen, for example, when you swap hard drives between computers."

I would be very happy if you could find some time to help or provide some hints. :-)

Greetings from Germany,


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