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vPro newbie: Using it to clean malware on desktops?


Hi, I am an onsite service technician, but I focus on residential and small business (without servers) clients.

I am starting to get my head around vPro which I have heard of but have not used at all.

Currently I either fix problems onsite, or with my toolkit of installable apps, portable apps, and I used YUMI to create a bootable USB drive with a variety of LiveCDs including Ubuntu and antivirus among other things.

I would like to start integrating vPro into my toolkit, by only selling desktops with vPro capable motherboards and CPUs, and the same with laptops.

If someone is infected with malware and it is really bad, regular internet access could be disable, and I cannot remotely reboot them into safe mode. These days, sometimes malware is so malicious that not even safe mode works, and that is when the LiveCD with the antimalware software comes into play, or I can use Ubuntu to backup the critical user data.

So my point is, after I get the right hardware in place, and it is all configured, what can I actually do at this "below the OS level" to help fix the computers in my role as an onsite service techie?

Another example, was a missing iertutil.dll. I was called onsite to fix this issue on a PC yesterday. No taskbar, no icons, can't even run explorer from task manager. All the same issues even in safe mode. It seems to be an issue with a failure to update to IE8 properly when it got pushed out by automatic updates being switch on in XP. I just ran Ubuntu off my LiveCD USB drive and copied the dll from the cache and fixed it. Can I do this remotely with vPro hardware?


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