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How to reinstall Intel C600 Series Chipset SAS RAID Controller in Windows 10


Following from my previous post on this I have a Dell T7600 workstation now on Windows 10 with the OS on a HDD connected to a SATA port. Originally the system had three HDDs all connected to SAS ports in drive bays. One of these is now the SATA OS disk but the other two won’t work on the SAS ports.


I made a mistake in uninstalling and removing software for the Intel C600 Series Chipset SAS RAID Controller.


In Device Manager now, the only mention of SAS is a "SAS Controller" without a driver which couldn't be found online.


When DELL SupportAssist  analyzes my system it says “No driver updates found. Your system has the most recent updates”


I’d like to know what to install to allow my disks to work on the original SAS ports.


Will drivers on this page work? When I come to run the first file I get the following screen so I want to be sure these are right before going ahead


IRST_install_warning.jpgGrateful for any help - thank you!

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Just to clarify my previous post. The two HDDs connected by SAS can be seen in the BIOS, just not in Windows 10. The SATA HDD can be seen in both. -Thanks

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