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Problems with Extreme Tux Racer game using Intel HD Graphics 2500


I have been having having problems with one of my favorite open-source games on my Dell Optiplex 7010. I have been able to find an earlier post here with someone who'd had the same issue, and the issue was resolved (link provided). However, I have a slightly different Intel Graphics chipset, and even though I had upgraded my graphics drivers (from version to, I am still experiencing the issue where the penguin in the game along with the trees and the herrings is completely missing on the screen. It renders the game unplayable. Here is the link with the previous article listing the same problems.


Some of the links in that article have expired, so I haven't been able to apply solutions in it here and wasn't able to find the appropriate drivers that fixed this issue. I really like this game, and I would honestly hate to have to buy a new video card for this PC just so I could play it. Thanks in advance.


It's an open source game, so the free download can be found on here, should you want to replicate/reproduce this problem.


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What version of Windows 10 1909?

What is the model number of your processor?


Hd2500 graphics is discontinued.


HD500 graphics may not be providing the features you need for your game. Check with the developer of the game.




Thank you for your help.


I just checked. It's Windows 10, version 1903. I will go ahead and update to version 1909. The CPU is Intel Core i5-3570 @ 3.4GHz.




I also have Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS on this machine (dual boot), and the same game on it. I just ran it, and it works without any problems. So, it looks like that the chipset itself is definitely capable of rendering this game correctly, but the issue is most likely somewhere with the Windows drivers for the Intel HD 2500 graphics chipset. I have played this exact game over the years on Windows on much weaker hardware and didn't have any obvious problems with it other than fewer FPS when running it on weaker machines with slower CPU's/GPU's. I suppose there could also be an issue with a Win64 version of the game, as my previous Windows experience with it was all Win32, but the way these rendering problems occur combined with that other user's issues (the URL I linked to in my first post) seem strongly indicative of some sort of a driver problem. But yes, I am not going to hold my breath about this getting fixed, especially when the HD2500 graphics have been discontinued. Perhaps, it's time to just get a new video card for this old Dell.