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Where can I get reliable drivers for my USB Blaster that doesn't cause a BSOD?


When I installed the driver for my USB Blaster I was met with a BSOD so I bit the billet and upgraded to Windows 10.


This a clean install with updates. I installed Quartus-lite- (fom the installed directory) and this was flaky where the Programmer couldn't find the USB Blaster. If I disconnected and reconnected it would sometimes see the device and other times not. In between BSODs of course.


Uninstalled this version and uninstalled drivers for USB Blaster by using the delet drivers option.


Reverted to Quartus-lite- and drivers.


You can guess that this is the same, if not worse. Tried going through a USB vs direct but same issue.


Using BlueScreenView I note usbblstr.sys is a FTDI USB Driver (FTDIChip CDM Drivers) with a date of 2014 built by WinDDK. Why such an old version (This is Quartus-lite-


Is there any way forward, or should I go back to Xilinx?

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