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Why don't support QVBR (HEVC Encoding on Windows)


Hi, i'm trying to get working QVBR on Windows with Intel 7 Generation Kabylake (i7 7700)

But when i try it says dont supported, why? (error -3 don't supported)

I need the QVBR couse its better than CQP

Any pre production drivers supporting this feature (HEVC QVBR) for my processor?

I have installed latest drivers August from Intel website Support, my Windows are Windows 10 Pro x64 19.03

I downloaded latest Media SDK 2019R1 and it says this news:

What's New!

New product features: • HEVC encode supports QVBR and HDR SEI • Fixed AVC encode error on values of mfxExtCodingOption2::NumMbPerSlice • Windows dispatcher and samples upstreamed





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It's strange because the release notes inside the 2019 R1 folder only mentioned this:

API updates comparing to 1.27
o Added support for 10th Generation Intel® CoreTM processors
o Added support for the following for non-Windows OS:


So it's basically just a maintenance update with 10th gen support. It's also strange that they only added support for API 1.27 while the open source code on github supports API 1.30 since several months. The Media SDK progress on windows is really poor lately.

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Hi Celio,

Please check the following document and see if it helps, although this doc is for Linux, the usage should also apply to Windows:


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