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ALtera 14.0 drops support for Nios2 on Cyclone III and Stratix III !?

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I notice, based on 14.0 Altera IP release notes, that they appear to be dropping support for the Nios2 on Stratix III and Cyclone III starting with 14.0?!  


We were hoping for a patch for rd1127772013_702, a fairly serious bug, but perhaps I shouldn't hold my breath.  


Reference attached extract from the IP release notes, or the URLs below. 






Nios2 IP Release Notes 14.0, June 2014 



Fixed issue concerning instruction cache operation with ECC 

Added Nios II Gen2 core 

Improved Nios II/f core. 

ECC support for data cache and TCMs. 

Optional 32-bit addressing. 

Faster arithmetic instructions. 

Optional uncached peripheral memory region. 

More flexible debugging options. 

Avalon streaming interface for trace. 

Includes Nios II/f and Nios II/e. Nios II/s processor core not supported. 

Simpler, more flexible parameter editor in Qsys. 

Removed support for the following devices: 

• Stratix III 

• Cyclone III 

• Cyclone III LS
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"III" devices are dropped from Quartus 14.0 altogether, not just NIOS IP. 


You will need to contact Altera directly with your specific concern.
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