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Adding runtime parameter in eclipse

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I am trying to debug by code in eclipse of Quartus 13.1. Usually to generate the elf, I set the run time parameter in the makefile using CFLAG in nios2command shell as below: 


--set CPPFLAGS -dparameter name 


where parameter name is the name of the macro parameter.  


However, in eclipse I am not able to set the same parameter. I tried to set the parameter from the symbols tab in project properties-> c/c++ general->path and symbols (screenshot attached with the thread).  


But this parameter is not set during the eclipse build and I get an error about the same. Did anyone encounter the same problem or is there any way-around. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 



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The macro name you define must appear in the command line arguments passed to the compiler. As I recall, CPPFLAGS isn't there. Try putting your -dparameter=value in CFLAGS instead of CPPFLAGS. You could also modify the command line arguments to include $(cppflags)

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