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Armadillo C++ library in nios help??

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Dear members. 


I am writing some function in C++ for certain program. I am newbie in NIOS complier. Can you please tell me if nios support armadillo c++ library ?If yes,then How can I include this library. Its general library that can convert MATLAB code to C++ with certain parameter. 


If I could include this directory. I would be able to work 100s of hour works in just few hours. 


Look forward to hearing some valuable suggestions. 


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I know something about Armadillo library, because I've used it on a PC with Windows, I mean not with NIOS. 

I'm not confident Nios compiler can manage it, since this library uses some advanced C++ language construct. Infact when I used Armadillo on my PC I had to upgrade the compiler to the newer version because my old VisualC 6.0 could not support it.  

Moreover most of Armadillo APIs rely on other open source libraries (i.e. BLAS, LAPACK) which I don't know if you can easily move to Nios; With the PC I simply had the Win32 DLLs, but with Nios you would have to rebuild them from source code. 

Therefore, you should find the answer to the above concerns if you create a Nios C++ project including the library source code and try to compile and link it.
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