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Brand new Bittware S5-PCIe-HQ not working with Quartus 13.1 CentOS 6.5

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We have started working with this FPGA on CentOS 6.5, we managed to get the board recognized by Linux and we can even use the Bittworks Toolkit to read sensors and communicate with the board. The problem is after installing Quartus, because it doesn’t list any Stratix devices when creating a new project and we haven’t been able to create any VHDL code to program it. 


We are using Quartus 13.1 Subscription Edition and we have a license file. The board is currently connected with a micro-USB to USB cable because when is brand new, the manual says it won’t be detected on the PCIe connector. Is there any special requirement to get Quartus to recognize this board? 



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