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SGDMA Memory to Stream Problem

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I am working on SGDMA in MM -> ST configuration. My main aim is to read a frame from DDR2 SDRAM and send it via streaming interface to my next custom made IP. In order to understand and grip the SGDMA, I wrote custom data in the DDR2 SDRAM using Nios II CPU and try to read it using SGDMA and send it to display. But the problem is, once the descriptor chain is built and polling for descriptor chain processing starts, the program stalls continuously... waiting for the interrupt. I am even not getting the interrupt for a single descriptor processing. What am I doing wrong? I used Nios II Debugger to verify that descriptors are building correctly. I even checked descriptor status to verify that there is no problem with the descriptors. I am using Cyclone III 3C120 Development Kit and i have edited the cycloneIII_3c120_niosii_video design example for this purpose...  


Your prompt reply will be appreciated... 


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