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Creating Special Linux Desktop Image

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Let me describe what I want to do and I hope you provide me with your advice. 


I have a DE1-SoC borad, my FPGA design utilizes the VGA DAC. 

I want to use Linux to control and interact with my core, but I want to use a graphical Linux, like the ones 

provided by Terasic (Ubuntu and LXDE), these images seem to program the FPGA while booting and 

they use VGA DAC for video output. however, I want to access Linux through Ethernet and display desktop 

using my host PC, rather than VGA port as I am using it for other purposes. 


now, how can I achieve that? I understand that such an image is not available specifically for DE1-SoC, 

and I need to build my own image, but how to do so? Can you please provide me with any information?
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No ideas?!

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