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DS-5 and JTAG server

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Should the ARM DS-5 Debugger work through an Altera JTAG server? 


In Eclipse, I do the following: 



  1. Select the "Run -> Debug Configurations..." menu item 

  2. Under "DS-5 Debugger", click "New_configuration" 

  3. On the Connection tab, select "Altera -> Arria V SoC -> Bare Metal Debug -> Debug Cortex-A9_0" 

  4. Change Target Connection to USB-Blaster 

  5. In the Connections area, click Browse... 



The Connection Browser window opens and displays an error: 

"The script file ( ) failed during execution:" 




Quartus 14.0 

ARM DS-5 5.18.0 

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.6 

ArriaV SoC 



Thanks for any help you can provide. 


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It does work. The solution was to add the Quartus linux32 directory (where resides) to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable. In the bash shell, this is accomplished by executing the following: 

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=<Quartus installation directory>/quartus/linux32:${LD_LIBRARY_PATH} 


or, if the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable is undefined, just: 

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=<Quartus installation directory>/quartus/linux32 


DS-5 Eclipse must then be restarted.
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