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Debugging Legacy Mode

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I want to run Insight to debug a NiosII Legacy build. OCI/JTAG is not one of the options in the debugging communications list. (only uart) Can someone please tell me how to do this. 


The Core (/s) has a JTAG debug module setup and nd program.srec acts like it is going to work (connects, seems to download), but gdb nevers comes up. (Progress: .....c then nothing) 


The other (less desirable) option is to debug/run Insight over the uart.  


Or can I add a JTAG Uart and use the IDE? 


What's the best practice here? 



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Ok, here are some irritating bugs for those who have asked. Maybe it will save some time for someone. 


I found that I could n2d a small test program if I nb'd it and it created a program.elf file. So n2d test.elf works. 


But, when you build a program using the sample Makefile it creates an obj/ dir and puts most of the output in there, but the .elf file is actually named .out. n2d will not work with this file, so I coppied obj/program.out to ./program.elf. 


Now n2d program.elf exits immediately with "can't create /tmp/prog_setup.gdb - permission denied". So chmod -R /tmp and still no joy. (same error) 


Turns out the .elf file needs to be in the obj/ directory so the magic incantation is to create a obj/program.elf now... 


n2d obj/program.elf works! (note that nd obj/program.out used to work with NiosI) 


You can search and replace all .out with .elf in the Makefile to make it go easier. 


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