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Dynamic Web Page Advice

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Thanks in advance.  

I AM A HACKER with HTML & cgi with c code on the nios --> 

In other projects with uClinux I've successfully used boa and cgi (written c-code to handle directory listings off compact flash and handle deleting files among other things). Which is pretty simple because you process the SUBMIT once you've performed the task in c-code you just regenerate the static page. 


Now, I have a requirement to select files for "playing" (they are not audio files) from the Client, gather information about those files (i.e., play time) and then allow the Client to be able to use a "slide bar" to offset into the file(s) and play, pause and stop the file playing. (and show status of playing back to the client). 


So, I know that 'dynamic updates' on this page would be ideal BUT for boa and uClinux how should I tackle this?  

Do I need to add more to Boa or use something else in conjunction with boa?  

Do I need to learn javascrip, php...?  

If someone can steer me to a solution to implement I'd be greatly appreciated.
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