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Flash Access Problem with dual-NIOS2 config.

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I'm working based on the "web_server" hardware configuration and trying to add on another core. Because of the hardware resources restriction I cliped off ssram controller(ssram) and reduced the desprictor memory(descriptor_memory) to 2048 Bytes.  

Now the microprocessor seems that cannot access the CFI flash. When I'm downloading the binary file into flash though Flash Programmer, it shows  


"no cfi table found at address 0x04000000" and  

"error code: 8 for command: $sopc_kit_nios2/bin/nios2-flash-programmer "c:/altera/11.1/kits/cycloneiii_3c25_niosii/examples/doublecore_trial/flash/notaus_ext_flash.flash" --base=0x4000000 --sidp=0x8000200 --id=0x62c962ce --accept-bad-sysid --device=1 --instance=1 '--cable=usb-blaster on localhost [usb-1]' --program

The right processor is selected in Flash Programmer. 

No error shown in SOPC builder. 

These two cores are running applications well but accessing flash. 

No compilation error in Quartus. 

Hardware: NEEK (EP3C25F324C) 

Software: NIOS II Flash Programmer V9.1  

SOPC Builder 11.1sp2 

Quartus II 32bit 11.1sp2 


What could be the problem? 


I will appreciate any suggestion very much !!! 


Best Regards, 

Weichen Li
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