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Help to build uClinuc

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I try to compile uClinux for a Stratix IV GX230, i follow the instruction on the nioswiki. My probleme is about the conversion of the qsys to dts file through sopc2dts tools. 

Please what is the next steps after convert .spocinfo to dts file? Because when i launch the make commande (make vendor_hwselect=system.dts) with reference to dts file i get this error 


make: Entering directory `/home/kais/Nios_Linux/nios2-linux/linux-2.6' no emulation specific options. RUNNING hwselect Syntax error on line PTFParser=HASH(0x2077ae8)->YYData->{line}. ERROR: Specified file is not a SYSTEM ptf file. make: Leaving directory `/home/kais/Nios_Linux/nios2-linux/linux-2.6' make: Leaving directory `/home/kais/Nios_Linux/nios2-linux/uClinux-dist/vendors/Altera/nios2' make: Leaving directory `/home/kais/Nios_Linux/nios2-linux/uClinux-dist/vendors' 


Please help me.
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You need to specify the *.dts file in the make menuconfig options. "vendor_hwselect" is for the older versions. 


There is a good post in here that has a video tutorial on youTube. I don't have the link right now. Do some searching.
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