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How can Linux read data using the f2sdram bus?

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I'm using the Cyclone V and the hps runs with Linux. 

I want to transfer big data blocks from fpga to the hps and send them via Gbit-Ethernet. 

The first thought was to transfer the data over the f2h-bridge and using the f2h device that is detected by Linux. 


But the on second thought transferring data over the f2sdram-bus could be much faster? 


So the fpga writes the data block on a defined base-address in the sdram. 

But with Linux I can't specify the address on which i want to place my data-array or from which i want to read the data in the sdram. 


So can I define a new device in my device tree so Linux detects that device and knows from which address to read? 

And if so do i have to write a device driver or is there an existing Driver in the Linux Kernel for the f2sdram-bus? 



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I have almost the same question than you. Do you (or anyone) know a little bit more about this question?  


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