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I have a problem with .elf files.

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Hello guys, I have a problem about missing .elf file when I'm using complie in monitor program. 


I've read some posts in this forum and I included all files in same folder. And then, I tried to remove this problem. 


Although I included all files in a folder, I got this error again 


nios2-elf-objcopy -O srec "C:/sample_de1_soc/Lab7/part1/part1.elf" "C:/sample_de1_soc/Lab7/part1/part1.srec"  

C:\intelFPGA\16.1\nios2eds\bin\gnu\H-x86_64-mingw32\bin\nios2-elf-objcopy.exe: 'C:/sample_de1_soc/Lab7/part1/part1.elf': No such file 



I don't have any idea about this error. I need your help 

It occurs again and again.
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