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Porting Preloader generation to U-Boot 2016 - FAT Support

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Hello all, 


I am porting the altera preloader generation to new U-boot and I would need little help. 


I am successfully building spl from U-boot configured for my board via QTS Files. 


Problem is the FAT Support in this SPL. 


When I enable the CONFIG_SPL_FAT_SUPPORT. 

the single SPL File size is increased to ~258 000 bytes. (original is ~55 000 bytes) 


my question here: 

Is is possible to make this size same as in Altera U-boot 2013 when generated U-boot and preloader via bsp-editor? 


I notice that in altera U-boot there is also some lowlevel confing when using the CONFIG_SPL_FAT_SUPPORT. 


/* relocated the stack to SDRAM which is much bigger */ 


under arch/arm/cpu/armv7/socfpga/lowlevel_init.S 



is these something similar in u-boot 2016 to enable fat support for spl and reach the required size? 



Thank you for any advice. 



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