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Problem quartus_cpf: command not found

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I'm a beginner user in SoC. I use quartus 16.0 and SoC EDS 16.0 on Ubuntu 14.04. 


I’m trying to convert the .sof file to the .rbf file. I use SoC EDS Command Shell on Ubuntu OS(14.04) 

When I introduce the below command: 

quartus_cpf -c -o bitstream_compression=on soc_system_top.sof soc_system.rbf 

The shell returns me this message: 

quartus_cpf: command not found 


How can I do to solve this problem? 


Thanks for your help!
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Have you solved this issue? If not here's my two cent's ..  


After installing the toolset in Linux you need to add the appropriate paths to the tools in the PATH command using the set PATH or other setenv commands. . Just do an echo $PATH , the system will spit out the Path variable contents. Make sure the Quartus and SoC EDS are in the path. If not add the path to the executable location in the $PATH env. Close the existing terminals, start a fresh terminal and now you will be able to run all the Quartus and SoC EDS tools from the command line.
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