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Program for SD Card

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I am a beginner and I need a program to read and write in a SD card 


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Hi, Windows can read and write to SD Card ! :-) 

Do you mean that you want a board able to read and write to SD Card ? 



I think the sd card should be readable by windows, shouldn't it ? 

If so, it implies a FAT (File Allocation Table) and a "driver". 


Altera tutorials contains examples to read from SD Card. 


There is a MP3 touchscreen player built with an Altera dev kit. Find it in this forum. 


It is not trivial for a beginner. 


Look at 


Free or opensource SD CARD drivers you can find have poor performance because they use only one data signal while SD CARD has 4 data signals 

There are also drivers (Elcamino, ...) that you can pay thousand dollars to do it. 


official : : for experienced users.
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