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Regarding Printf's after Flash Programming

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Dear All, 


I have been able to get the printf statements in my NIOS II Console during my JTAG programming (i have a JTAG UART). but now when i flash the code using nios flash programmer, is it still possible to see the printfs...????? where can i see the same ?:confused::confused::confused::confused: 



Thanks and Regards, 

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Hey guys... think i should have searched and read more docs before posting. But nevertheless i had a question above and have solved it myself. 


> After Flash programming with printf() statements in it. We need to add a console for displaying it.  

> Open Nios II XX.X Command Shell from the programs 

> type nios2-terminal and enter 

> the printf() in the code start to appear here.. You must ensure a JTAG connection is present 


So this is for someone like me who was searching over the forum and din get a answer for this query... :)
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