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Vein Pattern Recognition using DE1 board

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Hello Friends, 


I am working on a project for Vein Pattern Recognition using Altera DE1 board. I have used a modified IR webcam for capturing the vein patterns. I have some doubts regarding how to proceed from here on: 


1. How do I interface the webcam to DE1 board? The USB of the webcam is not compatible with the USB port of DE1. Is there any converter for the same? 


2. How do I store the images taken in the webcam on to the SDRAM of DE1? Right now I am saving the vein images on to the PC. I need some way to flash these images onto the board. 


3. Once the pattern is recognized (through algorithm written in SIMULINK & MATLAB) I want to display output to VGA. I know it has something to do with timing but not sure exactly what it is. 


Any references or documentation to throw some light on any/all of these doubts will be helpful. Thanks in advance.
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