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What is the performance difference between Intel Quick path interconnect/Ultra path interconnect and AXI (in terms of latency)?

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Dear NSuku,


Sorry for the delay.


As I understand it, you have some inquiries related to latency difference between QPI vs AXI interface. To ensure we are on the same page, just would like to check with you on the following:


1. What is the specific FPGA device that you are using? This would enable me to further look into if there is any latency information available for that device for comparison.


2. Are you using Native PHY to implement the QPI interface? Mind share with me your Native PHY configuration so that I could further understand your XCVR configuration.


3. Specific to the AXI, mind further elaborate on which specific device that you are using to implement this interface? Just wonder if you are using any XCVR to implement this interface?


4. Would you mind to further elaborate on the "latency" that you are referring here? Are you referring to XCVR PHY latency?


Please let me know if there is any concern. Thank you.


Best regards,

Chee Pin

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