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Why Intel is so bad at giving support?


I have raised so many issues/questions on NIOS. No replies even after so many days. Extremely dissappointed with Intel documentation / support they provide. 

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My name is Hazlina and I am the senior manager of the applications engineering team who are supporting the forums community. I apologize that there has been delays to your inquiries on Nios areas. Please rest assured that we do assign all questions to an engineer who will then work to resolve the issues/questions. Because of the recent increase of volume of questions on this area, we have backlog of cases at our engineers' plate. This explained the delay you are seeing at your end. 

Our record shows that you have filed 19 questions on this forums previously, covering different areas and 12 of them have been resolved/answered. Out of the 12 questions resolved, one was on Nios area: There are 7 that are still open and 3 of those opened are on Nios areas. We will look into expediting this. 

Should you face further delay in the support going forward, please do reach out to me at with the specific link of your questions to enable us to identify and expedite it. We will look into your existing questions and will provide the support accordingly. 

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