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eCos interrupts (PIE in status register =0)

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Hi all, 

my (timer) interrupt didn't work until I figured out, that bit 0 (PIE) in 

the status register is set to 0. 

So after all of my initialization stuff is done, I set that bit to 1. 

The system works, however any program interruption through gdb frontend 

is end of story - gdb frontend says "trap" and can't find 

the proper breakpoint address then. 

It is quite possible that I something messed up, as during 

investigation of the problem I added some assembly 

to eCos HAL (LED blinking in vectors.S). 


My solution is rather hack so my question is, 

is there a _clean_ way to enable global interrupts on eCos? 

Note that I use eCos from github & zylin howto. 



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Learned the hard way that the cyg_user_start() isn't the right 

place for my application. 

Interrupts and thread scheduler are automatically started 

after cyg_user_start() exit...
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