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having trouble with interrupt

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Hello everyone ,  


I'm try for a very long time to do a simple interrupt with nios ii. 

this is my problem: 

i have button in sratix ii dev kit and all i want to do in nios is just to turn on led (with interrupt) when the button is pressed. 

i defined rising_edge and all the others in sopc and i checked that the button is connected to the sopc module in quartus. 

everything passed the compile but when i run the debug the program ignore my clicks on the button and do nothing. 


this is my program: 


the program ignore my clicks and doesn't get to here :\ 

void led_interrupt() 

//turn on led// 



void main() 

alt_irq_registerr(button_IRQ, led_interrupt ); 

//turn off led// 

while(1); // waiting for interrupt; 




I hope somebody can help me. 


sorry for my bad english:) 


thanks you(:
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Add these before alt_irq_register: 

IOWR_ALTERA_AVALON_PIO_IRQ_MASK(button_IRQ, <irq_bit_mask>); // enable irq 

IOWR_ALTERA_AVALON_PIO_EDGE_CAP(button_IRQ, <irq_bit_mask>); // clear irq  


You also need to clear the edge capture bit in irq handler function, otherwise the irq will keep on retriggering. 


Also make sure of these points: 

- in qsys/sopc button pio must be defined with interrupt capability enabled 

- the button pio is correctly routed to fpga pin and pio is working: begin with polling the pio in while loop to test this point.
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Could you elaborate on the definition of "irq_bit_mask"? 


In SOPC builder, my PIO IRQ (width = 1 bit) is on IRQ line 9. 


Does this mean my "irq_bit_mask" is bit 9?
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IOWR_ALTERA_AVALON_PIO_IRQ_MASK(button_base_address,1); // enable irq 

IOWR_ALTERA_AVALON_PIO_EDGE_CAP(button_base_address, 1); // clear irq  

Infact you are using PIO bit 0, then mask = 1. 

For clarity: if you had a 8 bit wide PIO and you connected the button to pio_input[6], then you'd had irq_bit_mask=0x40 


IRQ line nr is involved only in alt_irq_register() call.
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