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mSGDMA Linux Device Drivers

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I would like to make use of the drivers found here:


in a user program where data can be transferred from one data structure to another. I have tried adding the mSGDMA to the device tree and it does not seem to work.


msgdma_0: msgdma@0xf9000020 {

      compatible = "altr,msgdma-19.1", "altr,msgdma-1.0";

      reg = <0x00000020 0x00000020>,

          <0x00000040 0x00000010>;

      reg-names = "csr", "descriptor_slave";

      interrupt-parent = <0x5>;

      interrupts = <21>;

}; //end msgdma@0x20 (msgdma_0)


I have went through documentations, device tree generators, etc. and none seem to get the mSGDMA to work with the drivers. Was anyone able to use the drivers? I am working on the Stratix 10 v19.1

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