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About Intel IWOCL presentations: genFFT and Gpu daemon


Hi, just seeing slides of Intel IWOCL presentations I see three interesting ones: ​

 genFFT a FFT OpenCL library for Intel GPUs up to 2x faster than clFFT from AMD: any info on release date, if will be open source, etc..

 GPU daemon: about using persistent kernel on iGPU for faster kernel launching.. some code on how to implement is on slides but a source code sample/tutorial released on a Intel blog post will be better

 on a slide I see "Future Intel architectures" will allow improved unified memory than current fine grained mem in the sense that all malloc'ed mem will be directionable via pointers from iGPU kernels without extra effort.. seems very good.. would be nice if Intel could share how far this future is? i.e. 2016,2017 platforms etc.. anyway good info..


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As far as the samples go, we are working on releasing them, but it could be a couple of months before that process is complete. I'll see if I can speed up the process.

Unfortunately, I cannot comment on the features of the unreleased hardware: all I can say is that we are working on this feature.

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