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Hi! I am trying to install opencl 1.2, but it does not budge


Hi! I have an Intel 4770K processor (Haswell) with the HD 4600 GPU. I would like to install OpenCL 1.2 on this computer, but use both the CPU and the GPU. The only thing is that when i am asked to select the components I want to install from OpenCL, there is nothing related to the GPU. I can see only the Intel SDK for OpenCL - CPU only runtime Package and Intel SDK for OpenCL Applications 2013 and thats all. There is nothing saying, I don't know, Intel SDK for OpenCL - GPU only runtime Package. 

I have checked in BIOS to see if the GPU is enabled and it is. I guess it is enabled, because I have only the 4600 gpu and I have an image on my screen :p.


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The OpenCL GPU runtime is part of the graphics driver. What driver version do you have?


I have the last one, I think it is 15.31.3071, but I checked with the online tool and it said that the driver is the latest one. Oh I see the opencl stuff is in the driver, oops my bad then. T

Thanks anyway,