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No CPU runtime installed with UHD graphics drivers


Both us and several of our customers are facing troubles in getting a working OpenCL CPU runtime on their (U)HD Graphics-powered machines. 

The story is well-known: since some years you can't install the stand-alone OpenCL CPU-only runtime if you already have the Intel (U)HD Graphics drivers installed. The (U)HD Graphics drivers already come with their own CPU runtime, in addition to the one for the Intel iGPU, of course. This information is confirmed in several topics here in this forum. 

Unfortunately, by installing the official Intel drivers downloaded directly from Intel, the CPU runtime is not listed among the ones available (both using clinfo and other OpenCL config scanners). Only the integrated GPU is available. 


By reading other topics it seems that this is (still, after years) a relatively common issue with fixes that are usually above standard end-users' competences (like editing the Windows registry or execute  (un)installation of low-level components passing through the manual selection of the hopefully right .inf file). 

How can we help our customers with an integrated Intel GPU to also have working OpenCL CPU runtimes?

How can we finally have a clean, out-of-the-box experience with commercial software based on OpenCL and executed on Intel-powered systems?


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