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Working through OpenCL DSK example - where is the .sln file?

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I'm new to MSVC (I've spent my life developing on linux) and so please excuse my ignorance on windows MSVC related questions.

My goal is to download opencl and work through an example. So I downloaded the SDK below and installed it on Windows 10


And then I opened the instructions in the installed file


In that file, it says to "browse to the location where you extracted the hello_world sample files and select the hello_world.sln file", but when I did so with MSVC, I couldn't find the .sln file. Nor could I find it using windows file explorer search.

The "hello_world" example exists in the Program Files directory as indicated, but there isn't a single .sln in the folder nor is there one in the entire "C:\Program Files (x86)\IntelSWTools\system_studio_2020" folder!

All I can find is .cproject and .project files.

Even in the hello_world folder has a readme.html that says to open the .sln file.

Where can I get the .sln files for MSVC so I can continue with this example?

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This issue is the same as the one you created, so we will no longer respond to this thread. 



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