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intra mode penalty of device vme



( I have read documents as below but can not find answer about my questions: ; and )

My 2 questions about extension cl_intel_device_side_avc_motion_estimation are:

      1. Is there a way to configure mode penalty (such as DC, VERTICAL, HORIZONTAL etc.) of intra prediction. Like this way:

                 uchar mode_penalty_16x16[4] = {...};

                 uchar mode_penalty_8x8[9] = {...};

                 uchar mode_penalty_4x4[9] = {...};

                  //Then configure mode_penalty for 16x16, 8x8, 4x4 intra partition before do intel_sub_group_avc_sic_evaluate_ipe().

      2. Can you explain the details of intel_sub_group_avc_sic_set_intra_luma_mode_cost_function():

                 Is there a formula to describe the relationship of parameters (luma_mode_penalty, luma_packed_neighbor_modes and  luma_packed_non_dc_penalty). Because there are 8 4x4 neighbor modes here passed as parameter, so I don't know what is the final penalty if these neighbor modes change.



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