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opencl sdk cpu and profile tools


I'm starting to study intel sdk for opencl, i do some test and work fine.
unfortunately i have a nvidia gpu, then i can do the debug only for cpu(is correct?).
I can debug on the cpu and run on the gpu when all works fine , I can change the workitem and workgroup, that are the only change between cpu and gpu i think, or no?
Or is possible mantain the same work items and works groups
Is possible to use other tools of intel like a profiler or visual studio profiler with the cpu?
what are these tools that helping in the debug/profile of the application?
are free(or opensource) or i must buy these?

works with visual studio compiler?(i use vs 2010)

where i find they, what do and prices on this site?


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Hi, Great to see you starting with our OpenCL tools. The online user guide is the best resource to start learning about our tools, see at: More information, like optimization guide, webinars, and samples are also available with the SDK site at Hope it helps, Arnon
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Hello, Intel(R) SDK for OpenCL* Applications offers a large variety of tools that will help you to tune, debug and profile your OpenCL application on both Intel CPU and HD Graphics (GPU). Most of the tools are free of charge. There are several resources over the web that will help you to get familiar with the tools and learn how to use their features. Feel free to watch our webinar: “Webinar: Creating and Optimizing OpenCL* Applications with Intel OpenCL Tools” ( and go through the steps of the tool's usages in our user’s guide ( Thanks, Uri
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