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"clBuildProgram" hangs on Intel HD Graphic 3000



The OpenCL function "clBuildProgram" hangs on those specific systems (while every thing works well on other ones):
Intel HD Graphic 3000 on Win 8.1 with this specific driver ( + possibly some Intel HD 4000
So, it seems to concern only a small list of chipsets, cf:

Before compilling the program I am testing the device with the following:
// Check device availability & capability
  cl_bool isDeviceAvailable, isDeviceCompilerAvailale;
  if (!GetDeviceInfo(deviceIDs[deviceIndex], CL_DEVICE_AVAILABLE, isDeviceAvailable) || isDeviceAvailable != CL_TRUE ||
  !GetDeviceInfo(deviceIDs[deviceIndex], CL_DEVICE_COMPILER_AVAILABLE, isDeviceCompilerAvailale) || isDeviceCompilerAvailale != CL_TRUE)
    if (verbose) Log::Warning("%s::%d OpenCL device %d::%d not available.", __FUNCTION__, __LINE__, platformIndex, deviceIndex);

  cl_device_exec_capabilities executionCapabilities;
  if (GetDeviceInfo(deviceIDs[deviceIndex], CL_DEVICE_EXECUTION_CAPABILITIES, executionCapabilities) || !(executionCapabilities & CL_EXEC_KERNEL))
    if (verbose) Log::Warning("%s::%d OpenCL device %d::%d has not the required execution capabilities.", __FUNCTION__, __LINE__, platformIndex, deviceIndex);

None of those functions tell me that the device have a lack of OpenCL support; although I am working on legacy code "Extensions" and "clImages" are neither used.

Unortunately, I don't have the above hardware and the problem only occurs on client desktops, so I was not able to reproduce it on my own hardwares and go further with tracking down the problem. However I got able to get the call stack hanging entry point which is the function "clBuildPrograms".

PS: I have seen exact same problem on an older thread, but after the bug submission no update was made:

PS: The driver is unique for those plateformes, so cannot advice customers to update/downdate it.

PS: I have also seen that there is "similar" OpenCL known issue with Intel HD Graphics laster driver:
"When two applications are concurrently using OpenCL, the graphics driver may crash."

Thank you very much.
Kind Regards,
Michaël Jeulin-L.

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