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8700k turbo boost doesn't hit 4.7ghz on 1 core

Hi all,

I have a 8700k with a Asus Rog Strix-F gaming motherboard. I own it since 2 weeks, I use HWmonitor to keep an eye on heat. Because I've heard these chips get hot, and it's also the first time I did my own build. But in HWmonitor and CPU-z it never shows that it hits 4.7Ghz on 1 core. It does hit 4.3Ghz on all cores.

Last night I changed a few settings in the Bios after reading about some others who had this issue. My Bios had C-states somehow disabled, so I turned those on and also enabled Speed Step. Now all my cores hit 4.5ghz while idle and during gaming it hits 4.4ghz. I have no idea why it doesn't hit the 4.7Ghz on 1 core as advertised. (I closed applications so that only HWmonitor and CPU-z where on)

I tried Prime95 using small FFTs for 1 core, to no avail. I have my BIOS updated. I have no clue what is causing this.

Hopefully someone can help me out with this issue.



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Community Manager

Hi Reydan,



I understand you are trying to get the maximum turbo frequency of the processor. Let me try to help on this matter.



I would like to confirm if the processor frequency works as expected. There are two utilities you can run to get this information:



Intel® Processor Identification Utility - Windows* Version



Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool



Please run tools above and provide results.





Allan J.

Hi Allen,

I forgot to update my post this weekend, because I found a way to fix it.

When I made my new PC build, I went in BIOS settings to enable XMP. On Asus boards if you enable XMP, you will get a warning with a yes or no to enable multicore enhancement. First time I enabled this feature, this changed alot of BIOS options.

So I resetted the BIOS, enabled XMP and this time simply clicked no. This fixed it, now I've seen 1 core hitting 4.7Ghz.