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9400f or 11400f for 3060ti


I am thinking about upgrading from 9400f to 11400f. I want to ask if it worth it or not. Bought new ram stick 16gb 3200mhz few months ago and I would like to get 3060ti when prices are settled down. Is hyperthreading worth it for higher TPD? I also want to change my case and psu so this is why I am thinking about cpu replacement. 9400f is doing quite fine except few games I play - AC Odyssey and Fallout 76 but I dont know if these games run well on other six core / 12 threads cpus (main problem is high cpu usage followed by stutter at 1080p 60hz). I also upgrade my monitor to 1440p 75 hz but I dont play competitive games and super high refresh rates.

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First, you need to ask your motherboard manufacturer if THEIR bios supports those processors.

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