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About A H110M-E Computers ?

Dear Sir/Madam, How's things ?, I need your reply after finding two outcomes in websites?, that one expert mentions computers under 8th Gen Intel don't support Windows 11 at all,while in another website computers under 8th Gen Intel can run Windows 11 after doing a few changes in the registry and or bios?.My computer is a 5th/6th Gen Intel H110M-E ?,and no such dreadful issues as described by those experts has shown up including getting a blue screen warning popup by Microsoft showing this computer is unsupported for Windows 11,as claimed by other online experts who warned of that for unsupported computers running Windows 11.I did install some free programs that will show whether or not my computer will run Windows 11 ?,and noticed this CPU is currently not on the Microsofts list of Windows 11 support list as the only thing with a Red Cross ?,Should I go back to Windows 10 or lower or upgrade or just stay put and leave things as they are?.,I also went to the Microsoft's Windows 11 computer supported list and my computer wasn't listed,but did find in another website that all Xeon type computers can fully run Windows 11 after those types of computers were tested and had passed the test..So far all I found in most websites was?, only 8th Gen Intel computers is what Microsoft allows Windows 11,and there is rumours going around that Microsoft have a secret invention that only they know of and they fully used that invention to check all under 8th Gen Intel computers to make sure it only has Windows 11 or lower installed and if an under 8th Gen Intel or any other computer has Windows 11 installed then that computer ended up stopped working after Microsoft did something about it themselves and some online experts named it a Watermark?,that's still valid.Like to explain further about a computer H110M-E and Xeon models?,and please include common problems my computer might be giving out after Windows 11 is installed if any ?..bye
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The general rule is that only 8th gen and above are supported by Windows 11.

You have seen MICROSOFT's supported processor list:


Yes, there are a few 7th gen processors on it.


The issue is that the processor supports virtualization-based security, among a few other features.


Yes, there is a hack that microsoft provided that allows you to install W11 on a lessor processor, with all the warning and fears of doing so.


So, you have a question about all of this?  Then you should ask Microsoft.


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[Maybe Windows 12 will be better]

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