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CPU - Memory Types


The specification page of the CPU "Intel® Core™ i5-12600 Processor" says:
Memory Types
Up to DDR5 4800 MT/s
Up to DDR4 3200 MT/s

There is a question mark which tries to explain the meaning of this data:
Memory Types

Intel® processors come in four different types: Single Channel, Dual Channel, Triple Channel, and Flex Mode. Maximum supported memory speed may be lower when populating multiple DIMMs per channel on products that support multiple memory channels.

Though I still don't understand what does it mean?
Does it mean that I can only use DDR4 RAM memory sticks which has a frequency of up to 3200MHz ?
(Please ignore the DDR5.)


Link to the specs of that CPU:

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What it means is that the design of the motherboard and the implementation of its BIOS can affect what memory is supported and how fast this memory can be operated. Obviously, a specific motherboard design will support only one kind of memory (DDR4 vs. DDR5, for example). What isn't so obvious is that both the implementation of the memory buses on the motherboard (their support for noise immunity, etc.) and the BIOS' memory initialization support (which is, BTW, based upon Memory Reference Code released by Intel, though some manufacturers will implement enhancements to it) also decide how compatible the board will be with particular memory and what memory bus speeds can be sustained by the design (and even how many years these speeds can be sustained, since components get noisier as they age).

Clear as mud?


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