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DDR3 with VT-d?

Hi. I often use both linux exclusive and windows exclusive programs, so I wanted to give virtualization a try as dual booting isn't that great. My CPU does have VT-d support, but my motherboard doesn't. I tried looking around but it seems most DDR3 motherboards either use the H61 or H81 chipset, and neither supports VT-d, though there are some H61 boards that support it according to . DDR5 is around the corner and even if it's not worth the price it might make DDR4 cheaper, so I would rather not upgrade my system right now. I'd like to know if there are any chipsets used in DDR3 desktop motherboards that support VT-d and if so which chipsets. Thanks.
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You can look for a Z77 or Z87 motherboard, but these are getting harder and harder to find these days.