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Does the Legacy i7 960 support Windows 10?

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supports only windows 7 32 , 64 bit .you will not get windows 10 drivers from motherboard manufacturer site.

I have G41 msi motherboard with intel core 2 duo E8500 3.15Ghz , I have upgraded windows 7 to windows 10 32bit .

Its running fine , but I will not get windows 10 drivers

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Ok, now an answer that you can actually read and which will make sense...


Officially, Windows 10 is not supported on any 6 Series or older board and is not supported on any 2nd generation Core or older processors. Your processor is a 1st generation Core processor, so it is not supported.


Now, what does this really mean?


  • Intel is not developing nor supporting Windows 10 device drivers specifically for this older hardware. In some cases, drivers supporting newer hardware might work with this older hardware, but,
    • Intel is not validating these drivers on this older hardware.
    • Intel is not warranting that these drivers will work - or continue to work - on this older hardware.


  • Microsoft provides compatibility drivers that will allow Windows 10 to run on this older hardware, but,
    • These compatibility drivers may not support all features/capabilities of this hardware and may not yield optimal performance.
    • Microsoft provides them as-is, without warranty or support. What this means is that, if they work, great (Microsoft will claim credit), but, if they don't work, too bad (Microsoft will not help you resolve the issue).


Hope this explains it,



Many years ago, whenever the i7 960 was state of the art, I built a PC using this processor and an Asus P6X58D motherboard.

Today I am writing this message from the very same computer, running the latest release of Win10, and it performs perfectly well.

There is nothing that doesn't work as expected, and I run fairly demanding engineering software of all kinds, including electronic circuit simulation, and 3D renderings of hardware designs.  Everything runs fast, I have no complaints.  In particular, the 3D renderings appear instantly -- there is no significant rendering time, even when rotating and zooming in realtime.

I have no complaints.   Not bad for... I'm not sure... 12+ years?!

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You must have an add-in graphics card, @soundscu. I don't see you running 3D simulations without one. Remember that, when we talk about no support for the processor, we are specifically referring to the iGFX engine. Windows 10 has inbox support for everything else in this processor.

Yes, you are correct.  I installed an AMD Radeon HD 5700 Series video card as part of the original build, so I've never used the native MB or processor video.