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How do I properly connect the power cables for my Intel Core i7 10700 processor?


The new motherboard (Gigabyte Z490 AORUS ELITE AC) has two connectors ATX_12v_2x2 and ATX_12v_2x4 (Photo 1).

From the power supply unit (Be quiet! Pure Power 11 700W) there is a cable with CPU1-P4 and CPU2-P8 (Photo 2, 3). How to insert them correctly?

I have previously asked on other forums. I was advised to combine CPU1-P4 and CPU2-P8 and insert them together into ATX_12v_2x4, but the processor was warming up. In the test, AIDA64 checked the FPU checkbox. After 3 minutes of the test, 7% throttling appeared, and the temperature reached 90-95 ° C. After that, I immediately stopped the test.

Then I tried to insert CPU1-P4 into ATX_12v_2x2 and the temperatures became not much lower. For half an hour of the test, the temperature was 75-93 and there was no throttling.

Now I don’t understand. How do I properly connect power to the Intel Core i7-10700 processor? Tell me please. Sometimes it seems to me that I bought the wrong power supply.



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You need to contact gigabyte or the power supply manufacturer.   Neither of these are intel products.


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You should connect these two 2x2 connectors together and plug them into the 2x4 connector. This ensures that the processor gets all the power it needs.


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